Bentchmark Computer Consulting


  639 N. 10th.,
 Worland, WY 82401

  307-347-4911 (Office)
  307-431-0123 (Mobile)


Mission Statement:
Equipping the Basin with technology,
Bentchmark Computer Consulting aims for service with a smile!

We offer :

* Tablets and Accessories
* Secure Cloud Storage
* Computer sales, both new and used
* Computer and related items repair
* All things network related, such as secure serve back-ups, network shared printing,
and installations of software packages
* Custom software applications
* Onsite computer problem resolution, including full repairs
* All computer-related systems recycling and secure data erasure (military grade data erasure)
* Web design



The Perfect Door

The point is, does your computer, and other technology items, enable you to do what you desire to do with technology? If you are trying to send and receive email, but something gets in the way, or trying to create and print a document, and it is not working right, then we want to help you. Technology should just be a tool. It is not an end in itself. Let us know how we can help make your technology do what it is supposed to do - effortlessly, seamlessly.

Ever notice that a good door is never noticed? You open it, go through it, close it, you are done. Ever had an annoying door? Hard to open, will not say where you put it, does not close right, or the tougue does not latch - are all signs of a door that is frustrating. The good ones are hardly noticed at all. Computers, monitors, keyboards, mice, printers, and scanners for example, are all examples of things that should just work for you. The should work for you in a way that is a pleasure. That way, you notice the communication, the greeting card, the completed report, the pictures, and the collages - but not as a focus on the tools, but as a focus on your creations.

People come to me and want to learn. We all do, really. So I say start with one item about the computer, learn it. Then we will go on from there. Learning "the computer" may not be the best approach. A better approach may be to learn to use the tool to accomplish one goal, one specific goal at a time. Why not call today, and see how we can help you accomplish your goals, with all that pesky technology at your fingertips? :-) (Kevin)

     We service Worland, Thermopolis, Ten Sleep, Basin, Greybull, and surrounding areas in the great state of Wyoming. 

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