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Infection or Suspected Infection?

Suspicious popups, dialog boxes, and new browser addons

Kevin Bentch

Suddenly, some program claiming to be an optimizer pops up, and begins to 'find' errors on your computer system. Do not be fooled. This is all bogus behavior and ficticious data. Maybe a dialog box pops up, saying that Microsoft has determined you need help, and that you can call this 800 number for help. People have spent hundreds of dollars for nothing. These and other things like it are the actions of criminals out to cause harm, capture informaiton, and steal money. Be ware!

You can go into "Start", "Control Panel", and then "Programs and Features" and see a list of installed applications. Some are essential, some are optional. However, if you find "Optimizer Pro" or anything with "Open Candy" or the like, you need to uninstall it. In fact, you will need to run your anti-virus programs. These may not get rid of the problem.

If the problem persists, it may be necessary to do a complete system restore. You can do this yourself, but be certain that you backup your data. On the hard drive, your data is found at the: c:\users\yourname folder. You will see folders named: Contacts, Desktop, Downloads, Favorites, Documents, Pictures, Music, and Videos. Be sure to copy all of these folders before you begin.

With Windows 8, access the restore options. The best way to clean everything off the computer is to choose a complete restore, erasing everything. Otherwise, some malware can persist.

We will perform an evaluation at no charge. If needed, we can pefrorm a complete cleaning and restoreation of data, for a fee.


Is Your Computer Frozen Like the North Pole?

Three Basic Solutions to a Frozen Computer

Jessica Keys


It’s a busy day at the office. You’re managing your financial accounts, checking emails, listening to Pandora and checking on your next appointment. Suddenly, your computer freezes. Nothing works. Not the mouse, not the keyboard, not the screen. Keeping your cool in moments like these is difficult. Try these three basic solutions to fixing a frozen computer.

1. Wait
Hard to do, we know. But giving your computer a moment to catch its breath might be all you need. Computers may appear frozen when they’re really just taking awhile to process various tasks. Take a bathroom break and then come back to see if the computer self-soothed.

2. Call upon the Task Manager
Sometimes one or two computer programs can quit responding/working. You need to close those programs down. With a frozen computer, this is easier said, then done. Have no fear! There’s a dear friend of your computer called the Task Manager. It’s like a little genie in the bottle. Instead of rubbing the lamp, press three magic buttons at the same time: control (ctrl), alternate (alt) and delete (del).

Once your Task Manager window is up, you will note a list of all the programs that are currently up and running on your computer. Click on any program whose status is “not responding” and choose the “end task” option. Give your computer a minute to close down the offending program. Poof! Problem corrected. Hopefully…

3. Reboot
If Waiting and the Task Manager have let you down, fear not. This last solution is often a magic potion for your sad, frozen friend and confidant. Shut that sucker down. Be merciful; pull the plug; cut the power; put it out of its misery.

Give it a minute to completely shut down before bringing your computer back to life. This would be a great chance to go get a cup of coffee and some fresh air while your computer reboots and wakes up once again.

Hopefully, these basic solutions solved your frozen computer issues. Sometimes frozen computers can be a sign of a more serious problem, in which case you will need professional technical support. Visit your local repair shop to investigate and solve your freezing issues.

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