Bentchmark Computer Consulting


  639 N. 10th.,
 Worland, WY 82401

  307-347-4911 (Office)
  307-431-0123 (Mobile)

Our Mission: To equip the Basin with usable technology.

Some of what we offer:

Tablets, Laptops, Desktops, Networking routers, switches, and wireless extenders.

Repairs of all types including broken screens, new hard drives, extracting data from broken drives, and power supplies.

Secure backups of computers and servers and military grade data erasure. Software packages and custom software.

Web design including eCommerce websites.


Cool News!

With new contracts, we are offering the ability to open help desk tickets. This provides a way for you to follow the work effort, to follow-up, and serve as a communnication platform. When you open a ticket, be sure to state what type of computer you are using, what operating system (Windows, Linux, Apple, etc) and what the issue is. We will do our best to resolve issues quickly! Open a ticket by clicking on the link below:

More Cool News!

We now can easily login to your screen, with your permission, to resolve issues remotely. Just give us a call, we will set up a special session. Once we respond to your request, you can click on the link below, and find your name in the list to connect:



New Shipments of Refurbished Computers

We recycle old computers taking some parts to the recycler and reusing what we can to build serviceable computers. These are all dual core or above, most in the 1.5GHz speed range, with some in the 3.0 GHz speed range. They come with Windows 10. Add a refurbished screen, keyboard, and mouse for another $75.00.


Desktops Desktop Systems
Starting at: $199.95 Starting at: $199.95 Starting at: $274.95




Microsoft (tm) Will Not Be Contacting You on Your Screen

Seems like ever few days someone calls the shop with a pop-up on their screen that their computer has been noticed by Microsoft (tm) as sending harmful emails, or being infected, or some other bogus message. All too often, the target of this malware calls the number, talks to the person, and provides remote access to their computer, as well as their credit card information. At that point, the criminals behind this activity have accomplished many of their goals.

The message was a bit of malware that came to your machine. Do not be fooled! The bad people on the other end of the line are the problem. Even if they halt the annoying popup, of their malware, they still gained access to your machine and stole money from your account. This is one of the most permicious harmful software that I hear about regularly. Do not be fooled!

What to do? Reboot your computer immediately. Run ADW Adware Remover, perform the scan by clicking on the scan button, then click on the next button to clean your system.


     We service Worland, Thermopolis, Ten Sleep, Basin, Greybull, and surrounding areas in the great state of Wyoming.